Print Solutions for Franchises and Multi-Office Business
Easy to Setup, Free to Maintain


Web-to-print solutions for franchises and multi-offices

Help your staff spend more time creating relationships with clients and less time designing brochures and ordering printing.

Customer's Canvas for Real Estate



Professional level of design with minimum effort

Create and  manage professional templates

A good real estate agent is not always a good designer. Provide your representatives with professionally-designed templates that only require them to insert property info and photos.




Stand out from your competitors

High-quality marketing materials suggest a high level of professionalism to potential home buyers. Customer's Canvas allows your company to maintain a high standard of marketing with less time and effort.

Stand out from your competitors



Create brochures from your database

Easy integration with cloud based storage

Along with the design process, creating promotional materials requires inserting different information for each property. Variable data printing technology allows your agents to obtain information directly from your database. Addresses, number of rooms, and other descriptions are loaded automatically.



Control your brand and assets

The Customer’s Canvas online editor works seamlessly with any digital asset management system. It gives your agents access to all the images and graphics they need.

Connect photos of your listings to your marketing materials



Keep your branding consistent

Admin Panel

It is critical that all of your company’s branding elements look good across all of your different agents’ advertising materials. You can rest assured that all marketing materials created by your agents in Customer’s Canvas will adhere to your strict branding guidelines.



Autofill templates with variable data

Using our online editor, you can create all the materials your company requires, including CMA market analysis, business cards, brochures, sales sheets, flyers, and yard signs.

Create any type of marketing material



Painless integration

Easy To Use

Thanks to its modular architecture, Customer’s Canvas is designed for easy integration into any process automation system that your company may already be using.


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